Black Swan Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Bruges presenting emerging and established, national and international artists.

Based on their passion for art and their love for Bruges, Kristoff Tillieu and Lieve De Cuyper opened Black Swan Gallery in 2017. The objective is offering artists a forum to interact with art lovers in a unforced environment. The solo or group shows are curated and focused on a central theme.


Black Swan Gallery should not be the next market place for art. The founders take the freedom to present artists , emerging and established in which they believe and who deserve to reach a (still) larger audience. They offer guest curators a scene where they can create a show, loose from commercial interests, that can serve as a personal statement. This approach guarantees the viewer a large and fresh view on what is going on in today’s art scene.

The location on Langerei 24 in Bruges invites you in a specific atmosphere. The artworks are presented in a homely labyrinth, where each artists can have their confined area or where visitors can be guided through an on purpose tour. The setting invites people to enter into a dialogue with the works.

Under the influence of private and public initiatives of Musea Bruges, Brugge Plus en also through the Triënnale there is, in the lovely Bruges presenting its historical context, also a developing interest in contemporary art. A growing number of art places are emerging. Black Swan Gallery has the ambition to enlarge the existing offer and the fill a void and this through a qualitative alternative programing.  It is not the objective to attract the accidental passer-by but to offer a new hotspot the interested art lover.

The name Black Swan Gallery is based on the  commotion some  years ago when a black swan appeared on the canals in Bruges. Where some people responded favourably on this diversity some others feared the effects on the existing population. Black Swan Gallery opted for this theme because they want to do things differently and offer something else than what is on view today in Bruges. The initiative is based on the conviction that there is a latent need for a new stage in Bruges that can appeal to a growing audience.

Next to the thematic  overall theme of “humanity”, they program relevant contemporary artist  which they fully support. Each of these artists have in their own way an interesting track record, they possess a high and stable quality in their works and still hold potential. Not only  established artists  are presented but also the young emerging wolves. Next to national artists also relevant international artists will be showcased. In order to have flexibility in what is on view, the gallery doesn’t have the main objective to operate as a ‘mother gallery’ with exclusive artists, in this way we can offer the viewer the best of all worlds. Establishing good and ongoing relationships with other national and international galleries will be an important aspect of the functioning of the gallery.

Black Swan Gallery presents 2 shows a year. The Gallery is during the shows open on Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm till 6 pm  or on appointment.


Bruges Gin Society
Brugs Bierinstituut

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Black Swan Gallery
Langerei 24
8000 Brugge