6/4/19 -5/5/19

Vergeten licht - 2017  acryl/ inkt/pigment/potlood/spiegel/ glas op canvas 180 x140 cm


Annelies A.A. Vanbelle

from April 6 till May 5 2019

Saturdays and sundays from 14h till 18h 

 Opening in the presence of the artist

Saturday April 6  from 14h till 19h

Introduction by Annelies A.A. Vanbelle at 17h

Where does our memory stores our memories, can our human brain store endless all memories ? Every human seems to have an immense capacity of storage, a hard disk that seems te have no limits to be filled with what we remember and what we have forgotten. An this seemingly erased part of our memory has an influence on our skills, habits and behaviour.

The artist Yves Velter creates images that reflect what we ignore en what that does with a human being. He bundles subjects that we in our daily lives consciously seem to want to ignore,  themes that are present in the outward bounds of our thinking en feeling. In his work he shows the influence of just that on our mood, personality and memory. In this exhibition he brings together the different codes that visualise his fascination for the impact of that invisible presence of the forgotten.

The figures in his paintings and sculptural installations do not receive a lot of context or identity, nevertheless they contain each a material with a symbolical value and a story, like the perforated carton, mirrors, letters or pictures. The artist talks of his ‘sculptural alphabet’. These visual elements gige form to questions and answers, fears or desires. An introduction in a world of symbol, poetry and ratio. tegelijkertijd. In alle stilte is de impact van wat verborgen is, bijzonder groot.

  • The stage phase IV - 2018  acryl/ inkt/pigment/potlood/hardboard op canvas 80 x100 cm
  • The discipline of virtue - handleiding - 2016   acryl/ inkt/pigment/kopie van brief Trees/ potlood/hardboard op canvas 180 x130 cm
  • Huis van de Andere - 2016  acryl/ inkt/pigment/potlood/glas/copie van brief Trees op canvas 200 x 200 cm
  • Interaction phase IX - 2018  acryl/ inkt/pigment/potlood op canvas 110 x140 cm
  • De andere ik - 2015  acryl/ inkt/pigment/potlood/hardboard op canvas 140 x110 cm