Laure Forêt


Laure Forêt (1984 FR) is in search for who we are, how we feel ourselves, what defines us and how we respond physically to different impulses. With different techniques such as textiles, tiffany and ceramics she explores the frontier of our being and what lays beneath. Our skin is the organ that separates our inner and outer world, the porosity establishes the contact in both directions. That fragility,  that vulnerability forms the main message of her work.  Her work is a poetic tribute to our own physical limitation.








SKIN IN THE GAME, group show, Black Swan Gallery, Bruges (BE)

4 mains, 1 Equipe, group show, Galerie Vertige, Brussels (BE)
Something Beautiful, group show, LaVallée, Brussels (BE)
Etoffes, Centre de la laine et de la mode, group show, Verviers (BE)
10 years, what a surprise
, group show, Eva Steynen. Deviations Gallery, Antwerp (BE)
De kamers van Zé, group show, in situ space, Antwerp (BE)

Art au Centre #8, art walk in Liège City (BE)
Perspectives, group show, Galerie Martine Ehmer, Brussels (BE)
Un été à Fontevraud, group show, Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud (FR)
Fragments, group show, Galerie Vertige, Brussels (BE)

Tout connaître, rien comprendre, group show, Lien Bonte gallery (BE)
Légendes botanniques, group show, Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard (FR)
A soft Gentle Breeze, group show, Villa les Zéphyrs, Middelkerke (BE)
Transparence, group show, Galerie Vertige, Brussels (BE)
Romanesque, group show, Festival d’art contemporain en Brionnais, Bourgogne (FR)
Une baie au port, group show, Altitude 2028, Clermont-Ferrand (FR)
Inclinations, group show, Atelier des Capucins, Mons (BE)
Passie / Obsessie, group show, CC Sint-Niklaas (BE)
Something beautiful, group show, LaVallée, Brussels (BE)
Etoffe(s), group show, Wool and fashion museum, Verviers (BE)
Hidden Structures, group show, Streetview Anderlecht, Brussels (BE)

M-A-L-M, group show, Collectif d’en face, Rouen (FR)
Post Covid, group show, Latuvu, Bages (FR)
En campagne, solo show, Fort Saint Héribert, Namur (BE)
20 ans de résidences, group show, Centre d’art de Pontmain (FR)
Paravent, solo show, Ophelia Lingerie (BE)
Inside out, group show curated by Art Cares Covid, Musées Royaux des beaux Arts de Belgique (BE)
Survive, group show, Fort 5, Edegem (BE)
Me, Myself and I, group show, Black Swan Gallery, Bruges (BE)
Beestig?, group show, Stadsfestival Damme (BE)