Entre le Sommeil et le Songe Groupshow 25/10/19 – 24/11/19

from October 25 till November 24 2019

Saturdays and Sundays from 14h till 18h 


Opening in the presence of the artists 

Saturday  October 26 from 14h till 19h

Entre le sommeil et le songe (F. Pessoa).

What is happening between the moment we fall asleep and the moment we welcome the messengers of the dreams, the exact moment of escaping from our consciousness and surrendering to the unconsciousness? It is a magical and poetic middle space, that confronts us with our anxieties and desires and that provides as wit a sharp view on ourselves. With this show we bring 7 artist together who give us a privileged look in their own artistic middle space.

  • The Radiance of sensible Heat- 2016 3  channel video  22 minuten ed 3 + 2 APInteresse? Contacteer ons
  • Umbra- 2018  Embroidery, acrylic, oil colours and fabrics on linen 180x140 cm
  • Floraison- 2019  keramiek 28 x 28 x 4 cm
  • Black Pages Whatever is going on over there - 2018  Aquarelpotlood op magazine 26 x 35 cm   framed
  • machete
  • Maybe waiting for Godot - 2019  mixed media op papier 46 x 32,7 cm